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From the beginning Bond-Boyd & Co. Limited has meant quality. Established in 1940, the Bond family had a vision to launch a manufacturing company that would design and produce jewelry of style and distinction. Through company values, hard work and classic and timeless designs Bond-Boyd became a leader in the jewelry industry.  Bond-Boyd jewelry has been featured nation-wide from small boutiques to large department stores and to this day Bond-Boyd still remains a family owned and operated business.

Our entire line is manufactured right here in Canada at our Toronto, Ontario facility, giving us complete control over the entire manufacturing process. Each stage of fabrication is closely monitored for quality and detail. It deserves repeating, we don’t import and ship from Canada, we manufacture and ship from Canada. That’s the Bond-Boyd difference, products truly Made in Canada.

Bond-Boyd uses die striking as the primary manufacturing process in taking your corporate image and transforming that image into the material and products of your choice. Die striking is when a sheet of material (gold, silver or brass)

 is pressed between two engraved steel dies at extremely high pressure. Using this technique for Lapel pins, custom coins, medallions, services medals, badges and jewelry always results in highly detailed and superior looking finished piece. Without doubt the die striking process creates the strongest, most beautiful finished pieces in this industry. A Superior product deserves a superior manufacturing process; certainly your corporate image deserves the best.

With that same passion for jewelry; Bond-Boyd entered the corporate world by using your corporate image and creating products of the highest quality. We have made lapel pins, custom coins, badges, medals and corporate jewelry for government agencies to some of the biggest private companies in North America. We have supplied the biggest police forces in Canada, the most deserving hospitals, and the most distinguished honors this country offers.

We have been in business over 75 years and as this company said from day one….. “Bond-Boyd means Quality”.  Bond-Boyd & Co. Limited since 1940.


At Bond-Boyd we use only the most trusted suppliers for the materials we need to make your images come to life. We consider our suppliers partners in this industry. Our precious metals are bought from globally conscience companies right here in North America. In fact all the companies we deal with are leaders in their fields and companies with long standing ties to their community and the industry. Bond-Boyd has over 75 years of building relationships with our suppliers. Trust us to create a lasting relationship with your company.

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Bond-Boyd supplies tourist areas across Canada with Sterling silver and 14 Karat gold products. Our finely crafted maple leaf pins are featured in boutiques internationally and throughout Canada. For more about Bond-Boyd’s souvenir programs visit the Corporate Jewelry section of this website.

Bond-Boyd custom designs Corporate Jewelry to commemorate special events and employee achievements. Our team of Toronto jewelers produce an extensive variety of badges, insignia products, medals, lapel pins and rings with the same quality and depth as our award winning Corporate Jewelry to satisfy our corporate clientele.

Some of our clients include:

  • Government agencies
  • Large corporations
  • Private industries
  • Health and educational institutions
  • Corporate services and marketing companies

If you would like to learn why we are considered one of the top Canadian jewelers, then contact Bond-Boyd today.


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